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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  June 6, 2012 3:00pm-4:00pm EDT

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our public parks and use public spaces to thrive and to get exercise and enjoyment. >> all right. we'll have to leave it there. thank you so much, mayor. packages containing bo body parts have arrived at two schools in vancouver. and they're linking the packages to canada's most infamous murder and dismemberment case. >> we have all the reasons to believe this, first offal all, we're talking about the same body parts we were looking for. which is the right hand and the right foot. secondly it was shipped from montreal. where exactly in which location from montreal, we know it was shipped from montreal. so right now, we have all reasons to believe this. we have no confirmation whatsoever. there will be a dna sample to
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confirm 100% this is the right one. >> paula has been following this case from the very beginning. it just gets worse and worse the mar we hear about this. is there any chance that any children were at anytime near these horrible deliveries? >> the schools in vancouver have goen to great pains to say look, the children at the schools were not affected. the schools did reopen this morning. and also they're really underscoring the fact that this was a random thing. why anyone would have targeted these schools with these body part, no one knows. nay say there were two notes in the packages and they're examining everything. speaking to the police commander in canada, they're bewildered. they say this gets more and more mysterious and gruesome by the minute. they say these body parts, they
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is told me were severely decomposed. >> and more details of this case are emerging. what more are you learning on this case? >> i think the status thing, and again, not to reduce all of this to gore and perversion 37 the saddest thing is that the chinese student, his family has arrived in montreal. and police still are looking for the victim's head. they'ring looing also for the right foot and right hand if this does not turn out to be the body parts that were found in vancouver. it was also very -- still a mystery to what exactly mr. magnotta might have done between the time he left montreal and then went to paris and then went to berlin. but a lot of different questions. and one of them, of course, principally among them is being motive. especially then when you add random acts of apparently sending body parts to a school. >> and have police learned, or are you learning -- that was my question. the link between lucca magnotta
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and carl hamalcha who spent 12 years in jail for rape and murder of three girls. it seems like another chapter we're entering. >> i covered that case. it was a gruesome case and involved dismemberment. did mr. magnotta have some connection to her. she's a woman who shocked everyone the sometime. one of the victims was her sister. she is now free. at one time he claimed and then another time denied having any connection with her. but also crucially, police are looking at cold cases. they have no indication there is any connection. but given all the different angles that we've covered now in this case. they're not ruling out that he's connected to other crimes. and i want to underscore that he has traveled extensively and that includes the united states. >> wow. seems like this is to definitely not over yet. paula, thank you so much. i'm kate baldwin.
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if it's interesting and happening right now, you're about to see it. it's called "rapid fire." so here we go. a south carolina prison guard has been rescued after being held hostage for several hours at a maximum security prison. the guard was helping a nurse distribute medicine. the nurse got away but the guard was grabbed by prisoners and held until early this morning. he's been taken to hospital for treatment. and a massive dock has washed ashore on an oregon beach. the 60-foot structure landed on the beach on monday. oregon officials have no confirmation of the dock's origin, but a few beachgoers believe it crossed the pacific as a result of the stsunami in japan. this placard with japanese writing was attached to the dock. an attempt to raise the cigarette tax with the money for that tax going to cancer research fails in california. voters rejected it yesterday 51
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to 49%. supporters say it would have raised $735 million a year. opponents say it would hurt poorer people who are more likely to smoke. in california, a pack of cigarettes runs about $5. and ms. pennsylvania is giving up her crown and she said sunday night's pageant was ripped. she said the top five finishers were determined before sunday night. organizers deny the allegation saying an e-mail she sent to them claimed she was stepping down because the pageant accepts transgendered contestants. donald trump, co-owner of the pageant wasn't too thrilled with the allegations. >> it is so ridiculous. and what we've authorized today is wee're going to bring a lawsuit against this girl. >> and a very different story, science fiction author ray bradbury who wrote "fahrenheit
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451" has tied. he predicted things we have today. such as atms and live broadcasts of car chases. he wrote for nearly 70 years, including dozens of books, 600 short story, even screenplays and operas. ray bradbury was 91 years old. we've got a lot more to cover this hour. here's what's coming up ahead. cocaine, heroin, trafficked through airports. plus, a young woman's fight with a flesh eating bacteria takes a turn. from physical wounds to mental. her phantom pain. and star power. signing on and showing up for the president. fund rarzs that should bring in big, big bucks. let me tell you about a very important phone call i made.
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the second in command, avenue bu yahya al libi. is the stability of libya still in question? >> the stability of libya is very much in question. look, it's a big country. people often forget that. just to give you a -- remind people, it's 10 times the size of syria with 1/3 the population. so gangs can take refuge in vast swaths of the dez several. and the government of libya never had a powerful army. gadhafi never wanted to build a very large army because he feared it would depose him. he kept tribes warring against each other. that makes for a very weak state. in libya, one of the great challenges is not just regime change, not just nation building but really state building.
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can they build some kind of an organization that can hold this place together? >> i wanted to talk about your upcoming special on immigration. you spoke to one of the key contributors to arizona's controversial illegal immigration law. very timely you're talking about it because we're waiting for the supreme court to rule on some of that law's key provisions. give me some of your conversation with the secretary of state chris kobak. >> he's a very smart guy. he's compassionate and committed in what he believes in. and a very tough line on immigration. he's very articulate. he basically points out that these people are here illegally, that to do anything to legalize their status is to effectively forgiven them to have broken the
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law. he doesn't have much of an answer for what to do about the fact that we have 11 million of them here. the population the size of the state of illinois. when you ask people what would you do about that, that's when they come short of answers. >> look forward to hearing the full segment. thank you so much. this is about exploring immigration poll is, what works, what doesn't. you want to watch the gps road map for making immigration work. so a popular hockey team offers a $55,000 reward to track down a suspect who shot and killed a toddler. and just a quick note for those of you heading out the door. you can continue watching cnn from your mobile phone. or if you're headed to work, you don't have to miss us. just go to [ male announcer ] citi turns 200 this year.
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the zej for a can i recall oof a 1-year-old boy gets a bit of a boost from the los angeles kings. a donation from the hockey team and its owner aeg doubles the reward for information leading to the killer from $50,000 to $100,000. angel moreau cortez died as his father cradled him in his arms. police believe the dad was targeted for the color of his shirt. and the georgia woman who nearly died from a flesh eating bacteria is feeling pain in the hands that doctors amputated nearly three weeks ago. >> andy copeland says his daughter feels like his hands have been carrying bags of rocks and they're tired anticipate they hurt and she can't put the
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rocks down. she say she is's in considerable pain and pain meds aren't working and the medication is making her sick. how can she feel pain in a body part that she doesn't have? here's the thing. she still, of course, has a brain. and there's an area of the brain that's connected to that amputated body part and it's still expecting input. it's still connected to it, even though it's not there anymore. and the brain needs to adjust. as the brain is adjusting to no longer having that input, that's what can happen, is that pain can be the result. the only good news here is that this usually does get better with time as the brain starts to understand that that body part isn't there anymore. kate? >> wow. elizabeth cohen, thank you. a rocket blasts a u.s. helicopter out of the sky. one terror group says it's responsible. ♪
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not be sequestered as the judge is announced and a trial is scheduled to begin on monday. so just a quick update for you on that story. also, the girlfriend of the man in that gruesome face eating attack in florida says that her boyfriend was a loving family member. just last year, she spoke out with a high profile attorney gloria allred by her side. she says she believes he had a drug slipped to him and that he was no monster. >> he never drank alcohol or used drugs around me. i only saw him smoke a marijuana cigarette once. he loved his mother and his grandmother very dearly. the care that he expressed to my son, the friend he became to my brother and cousins and the man he was to me will never be forgen. i felt safe with rudy. over the last few days we've
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been getting more and more detail on what happened that day. like the 911 tapes. listen as a bus driver frantically describe what is she saw before police arrived that day. >> there's a naked man at the end of the causeway coming forward. he is beating another man to a bu pulp. he's going to kill that man, i ms prop you. >> when asked if charges will be filed in this case, attorney gloria allred said no. so the taliban said it shot down a u.s. helicopter in afghanistan and a drug sweep in a major airport. time for "reporter roulette." >> let's bring in chris lawrence, joining me now.
3:23 pm
>> they were both american troops who were killed when this hikt went down. they were flying a smaller helicopter, only two people inside. it's mainly used to provide armed reconnaissance for troops on the ground. sort of close air support. it's part of this prime corrode of trade between kabul and kandahar. and it's an area that the taliban controls most of the rural spaces. >> so is the taliban claiming responsibility for this? >> yeah. and that's not unusual, kate. they claim responsibility for many things that they did not do. but in this case, military
3:24 pm
officials are saying they do believe that the helicopter was brought down by taliban fire. they believe it was small arms fire and rocket pro-filled a grenades. it has always within really one of the most dangerous ways in which some of the troops over there are killed. the chinook crash was brought down a year ago when the special forces troops were killed on that. that was more of a transport plane. this is a smaller helicopter. but again right now, it does look like the taliban brought it down. >> i'm sure the investigation is only begin into exactly what happened. chris lawrence at the pentagon, thanks so much. next, the feds raid the main airport in puerto rico. and the prosecutors say it will limit the cocaine supply to miami, new york, dallas and orlando.
3:25 pm
rafael roam know is here. >> it was very big. these were workers at the airport or workers at a private company that worked at the airport. because they had security clearance, they were able to get in. is they would board flights to the mainland. we're talking easily 4.5 met trick tons every year. is the airline saying anything
3:26 pm
about this? >> out of 45 indictments, they are current employees. they said in part our support helps to prosecute the individuals responsible to the fullest ex-tent of the law. we have zero tolerance policy when it comes to this type of activity. but again, some of these workers were no longer tied to american airlines. >> all right, rafael, thank you so much. >> thank you. >> so you sign up to a dating website. it happens all the time. you go on a date, you get a bit more intimate than maybe you planned and end up with a sexually transmitted disease. one woman sues. we're on this case. ♪
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>> we want to pause for a second and play some video for you. this is a 12-story building collapsing in the town of homs syria. the reason? government forces shelling neighborhoods. this as syrian activists say at least 71 people died today in clashes. 71 people today alone. cnn, of course, we say cannot confirm this because syria has severely limited journalists from entering the country. dozens of others died in two very different incidents in separate parts of the country. mohammed, first tell us what happened and tell our viewers what happened in kandahar today. >> well, kate, twin suicide bombings claimed the lives of 22
3:31 pm
people injured at least 50. the provencial chief of police there told us that one suicide bomber was on a motor bike. he was in a crowded part of the city outside of a restaurant this morning when he detonated his explosives. then as residents flooded to that scene after the first strike, there was another suicide bomber in the crowd that detonated his explosives and that increased the casualties there. a truly horrific scene in southern kandahar city today. kate? >> absolutely horrific. and now there's allegations that civilians died today as a result of a nato air strike? what can you tell us about that one? >> that's right. a provencial official from logar province, south of kabul, tells us that in the overnight hours today that there was an air strike, that there was a nato convoy that had been fired upon by insurgents. that that nato convoy called for backup, for air support. that's when the air strike happened.
3:32 pm
they say 18 people were killed, among them women and children. now we spoke to nato earlier today. they have a slightly different version of events. they say that there was a fire fight that happened, a joint coalition in afghan security forces, an operation that was toorgting a taliban leader and that because of that, only two civilians were injured. they say two women were injured. but they say they were aware of these allegations that civilians were killed, that they are conducting an investigation. they say, though, that multiple insurgents were killed in this attack, but they're still waiting for the results of the investigation that they're commissioning right now. we should stress today, the deadliest day for afghanistan civilians this year so far. kate? >> wow. all right. thanks so much. so you sign up on a dating website. you go on a date and maybe you get a little too intimate and you get much more than you bargains for. one woman sued because of it. ewe're on the case next. ♪
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>> we've been following the sfienl journey of the space shuttle enterprise. it made a slow trip by water to the intrepid air, and pace museum, passing by the world center site and the statue of liberty. anticipate a delicate dance is under way as the enterprise is
3:36 pm
lifted to its new home. chad myers, you've been watching this closely. when you look at this crane, how can they pull this off? >> it's right off the carrier. every two minutes they're taking a picture. and we actual have some live shots, too. but it's about two feet off the barge. the it's gong to be taken off the way off to the aircraft carrier. it will be housed in a little building to take care of it. >> and we hear it will be opened to the public come mid july. this shuttle never actually made it into outer space, but still is important to american history? >> it is, because it was launched off the back of this
3:37 pm
airplane. could see if it could fly, to see if it could actually land. >> never got hooked to a rocket, but they're going to leave that aerodynamic tone on the back. there should be three big engines on the back. they're not there. there's an err daerodynamic con the back. and they're going to leave it there. >> and there's a bit of a snafu on the way to the trep pid intr? >> yeah. the right wing hit a bridge. a little bit of a wind gust did push it off course. tfts very superficial damage and, in fact, it's already fixed. >> man, i would not like to make that call. sorry, boss. hello, nasa? woopsies. so celebities once threatening to sit out this election are now hosting dinner parties and
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>> an oregon woman won a $9,000 settlement against a man she says gave her herpes. yes, a very interesting case. the woman said she met the man on eharmony. by their fourth date they had sex.
3:41 pm
and afterwards, the man allegedly told her he had herpes. she sued saying he should have told her sooner. this case is believed to be the largest of its kind in the state of oregon. cnn legal analyst sunonny hosti is on the case. when i heard $900,000, i thought this case was huge. i thought that was huge. >> it is huge. but these cases aren't rare. i wouldn't say nay ear the norm, but they're not rare. this sort of explosion of std litigation started in the '80s actually. we saw an uptick then and even as recent as 15 years ago, we started seeing more and more of these herpes cases. and cases of folks being accused of intentionally infecting partners with either hiv or herpes. so not unusual, but i will tell
3:42 pm
you, difficult to prove. many people don't have the resources to hire attorneys. and even if they do hire these attorneys, it's a little difficult to prove in court that this particular sexual partner is the person that infected you with either the herpes virus or the hiv. and so while not unusual, not rare to have these suits, very unusual to win $900,000. one of the jurors said they just felt he should have told her. >> and do you think because of thf huge number, $900,000, do you think this kind of paves the way for kind of similar huge settlements or major lawsuits like this? >> you know, i don't think so. again, because we've seen these suits since about the early 1980s, we've seen an up tick. i don't suspect this one significant verdict in oregon is going to lead to sort of an
3:43 pm
explosion of juries awarding this am of money. but good, good result for this particular woman who says she was just devastated after learning that she had contracted herpes. >> and another interesting case i want to ask you about in massachusetts, a landmark case where wr a man is believed to be the first person convicted of motor vehicle homicide as a result of texting. a lot of states have taken on these laws banning cell phones while driving and texting while driving. what's your take on this. and how many years did he get? >> he got about 2 1/2 years. so he will likely serve two years in prison. he was sentenced to 2 1/2 years for motor vehicle homicide. one year to suicide and then two years for texting while driving with one year to serve. he'll serve about two years. this is a landmark massachusetts case. and this is a case that i think, kate, we will see more and more of. he's 18 years old. apparently he received and sent
3:44 pm
about 193 text messages on february 2011. >> on that one day? wow. >> on that one day this tragic accident occurred. you're right, there are many, many states that have banned text messages. about 38 states by my last count. but i do think that we are going to see much more litigation arising from texting while driving. because we now know that it does lead to so many fatalities in our country. >> it is so dangerous with the -- how much it distracts the driver. we'll leave it there for today. thank you so much. we'll talk to you soon. >> thanks, kate. president obama will likely end his fundraising trip to california saying hooray for hollywood. he's expected to raise millions of dollars tonight at the lgbt leader shirp gala in beverly hills. it's the president's third recent fundraiser, targeting the gay community. how the president is winning back a demographic that had all but abandoned him.
3:45 pm
>> i think same sex couples should be able to get married. >> when president obama made his bombshell announcement on gay marriage, hollywood rejoiced. >> president obama j squust camt in support of same sex marriage. >> i could not be more proud he's my president. >> i was ecstatic. >> now it's time for the president to reap some rewards. financially speaking. hollywood's gay community is rewarding him. >> he has mobilized his base. >> the author of hollywood left and right says the president's reversal on same-sex marriage policy energized many celebrities who had been threatening to sit out the 2012 contest. >> the minute he announced his support of gay marriage, they publicly changed their mind.
3:46 pm
nor man leer will be active in the campaign again. >> hollywood had been disenchanted with the president before his announcement. >> alet lot of people that want to support him were disappointed that he hadn't said anything up until now. we're all gad he did it. >> i've been going through an evolution on this issue. >> but some believe the president didn't go far enough. >> it's a baby step. i wish we didn't always have to take baby step. >> howard stern faulted the president for leaving the issue up to individual states to decide. >> i would like the president to really get behind this and push it. >> by being so outspoken, celebrities may continue to drooi the debate on samt-sex marriage, but hollywood's biggest influps on the public and the president may come from tv shows like "glee" "smash" "true blood" and "modern family." >> we happen to be a very traditional family. >> it's the repetition of
3:47 pm
certain kind of images and repetition of looking at the world over and over again until they see normal. i think this does begin to change the way people look at the world. >> it was really interesting the way you ended that piece. you mentioned shows like "modern family" and "glee" are helping to encourage the debate on same sex marriage, starting that conversation and keeping it going. so from the -- you know, the hollywood perspective, do you see more shows like this on the horizon? >> well, we see definitely a push out of hollywood to really portray those gay characters. be it an individual or families on the small screen. in fact, ryan murphy, who created glee, he's holding a big fundraiser tonight for president obama. there's a new show coming out in the fall called request "the new normal." it's these issues and themes that we're seeing out there. show creators like ryan murphy, trying to turn the
3:48 pm
nontraditional into the traditional. the nonconventional into the conventional. it's not going to be a per fectly packaged series, but he has characters who don't agree with that gay lifestyle. so you'll see a little bit of the drama on that end. what's interesting is to see how the audience will really receive this, kate. >> absolutely. and they're hugely popular shows, of course. so looking specific -- now, looking at the politics as the president is heading out to the west coast today, i hear there's some pretty star-studded appearances that will be attending some of these events? >> absolutely the fundraiser for president obama is happening in beverly hills. that will take place today. and after that, ryan murphy and his partner will be hosting their lavish fund raiser at their l.a. mansion. what's interesting about these events, when it comes to politics and especially this
3:49 pm
town, you have some stars who are so outspoken, like george clooney and eva longoria. not everyone is like that. so the guest lists are kept under wraps. in any event, these two fundraisers are fund-raisers ar expected to draw millions of dollars so president obama will have a lot of money in his campaign chests. >> some of these are closed to us because --? we'd love to cover it. thank you so much. a massive dock washes ashore off the coast of oregon. it's 7 feet tall, 19 feet wide and 66 feet long, made of concrete and we're tracking where it came from and how it got in the ocean in the first place. i got mine in iraq, 2003. usaa auto insurance is often handed down from generation to generation. because it offers a superior level of protection, and because usaa's commitment to serve
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we've been watching live the space shuttle "enterprise" tick its final path, its final journey on the "intrepid." it looks like they're getting to the final point. watching all these people scurrying around the intrepid. >> it took a long time to get off of the barge and once it got in the air they're rolling it right up there and you can see sxroerngs lines hanging off there and they can position it with people on the ground coming down now. >> i was looking at the tech tock this morning.
3:53 pm
it left new jersey at about 10:00 this morning. i guess we shouldn't expect something when you're moving a space shuttle that weighs so 170,000 pounds that that should move quickly, but they're finally getting to it. it's amazing to watch this crane when you see how small the people are in relation to the shuttle itself. >> you have to understand, too, the hudson river was going downstream and the boat was going downstream. even if you think you're going about 8, you're not. you're going about 2. the parade and the water going in the air, it really is spectacular and all of the boats were coming up and it was like an armada coming up the river and you can see it close to it with the people in the tour boats in the end with the ferries and it has been quite the event for the people there today and the intrepid very happy to get it and only three places in the world that would have a shuttle.
3:54 pm
>> i don't know if we have a picture of it, just how many people are trying to gather around to just get the shot of the final move. i thought it was really, really awesome to see. the latest we heard is it would opinion open to the public some time in mid-july, but they're moving that pretty slowly. i know it was only cosmetic damage, but part of the delay had to do with one of the winds -- >> the railing bumped into the dock, there it is right there and this thing went through a couple of different places and that is the wing of the shuttle up against one of the bridges. who do you call? >> i was thinking about that. >> the insurance agent, you're not going to believe what i have to tell you. >> that's the damage and you can see it was a foam corner there and they fixed that within a couple of hours. they wanted it in pristine conditions when it comes down there.
3:55 pm
all of those tiny little head s and body, and the people watching the 60-inch plasmas they can see the jet there. >> they've got to be so careful, delicately moving that crane down. it's awesome to watch. we've been watching it all day and we'll track it as it continues so slowly to reach its final resting place. chad myers, thank you so much. another story that we've been watching. a massive dock washed ashore on an oregon beach. where it came from, that's anyone's get. the 60-foot strucker landed on monday and oregon officials have not confirmed the origin of the dock. something this big doesn't just appear out of thin air, that's for sure. let's go straight to casey wian. officials found some sort of clue of where this came from? a plaqua ared? what do you make of this. >> reporter: that's true. this giant dock, 66 feet long,
3:56 pm
19 feet wide showed up tuesday morning on oregon coast. there's a placard with japanese characters and what we've been able to do is trace that back to a dock manufacturer and company in tokyo, japan. there are rubber bumpers that looked like tires and that was manufactured in japan and we traced a phone number on the dock to a fish processing plant in japan. what of course, people are wondering is could this be debris from the tsunami last year? we've seen evidence we were reporting a couple of weeks noog alaska anda i lot of debris showing up there, and people are wondering if this dock broke off during the tsunami last year. we don't know. oregon state officials are looking into the origin of the plants that are on the dock to see if they're native to japan
3:57 pm
and also trying to contact the dock manufacturer to see where it may have been. they have tested it for radiation and to make sure that that is not a problem and they're testing negative at this point and they're hoping to know where this dock came from and perhaps it's related to the tsunami. >> you were in alaska, seeing the debris on the shores there, and of course, you didn't see anything of this size, but did anything appear at all similar to what they're seeing in oregon? >> reporter: the only thing -- what we saw mostly in alaska was lightweight debris and all of this debris is starting to show up much sooner than anyone predicted and the theory there is the lightweight stuff and the buoys and the styrofoam, large chunks from housing and they're saying that that's because of the wind and that's lightweight and it can blow across faster. there is a ship off of the coast
3:58 pm
of alaska, not that hundred miles that was adrift tied to the tsunami that they actually had to say because it was a haze art to maritime traffic. they don't know if that came over very quickly, but the originals, that they would prove out. so perhaps this could be. we may never know, kate. >> you say we may never know, but are officials giving you an estimate as to when they'll have some kind of final determination if they can give an answer or not and what are they going to do to remove this thing? >> they're hoping to have an answer within the next couple of days and we don't know whether they'll have an answer as to whether they lost this dearing the tsunami? what with will they do with it? >> they'll have to recon it and put it back to scombrus float it
3:59 pm
out into the ocean or get rid of it that way. that's's big job. they're asking the speck taerts to stay off the dock because people are tempted to climb up on top. casey wian, thank you so much. i'll toss to my colleague, wolf blitzer in "the situation room". thanks very much. happening now, is bill clinton going rogue? he's the most powerful campaign surrogate for president obama. the former president keeps straying from the party line. how is the obama campaign handling all of this? stand by. they say mitt romney ran his state like a business. is that a good thing? we're talking to lawmakers who worked with romney when he was governor of massachusetts. how pakistan's fight to end a crippling disease is being hurt on the raid on osama bin laden's compound. what's going


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